Paul Weller 2015 West Coast Tour Schedule

Long time Alternative rocker Paul Weller has announced dates for a 2015 “West Coast” Tour. The Weller tour launches in Washington, DC at the 9:30 Club on June 9th. The tour is currently scheduled to conclude with a concert in Pomona, CA at the The Fox Theatre on October 9th. Concert additions are possible. However, the table below reflects an accurate concert schedule of major North American venues concert dates & Paul Weller concert tickets. The table scans for updates every time the page loads. So, be sure to bookmark us & check back often for changes.

Paul Weller will be promoting his 12th Solo album “Saturns Pattern” (tracklist below) [Buy Album], which was released on May 18th. His last album was released in March of 2012. It is titled “Sonik Kicks” (tracklist below) [Buy Album]. The 2012 album peaked at #1 on the UK Albums Chart & #3 on the Scottish Albums Chart.



The tracklist for the “Saturns Pattern” album is as follows:
[Buy the Paul Weller Saturns Pattern Album]

1. “White Sky”
2. “Saturns Pattern”
3. “Going My Way”
4. “Long Time”
5. “Pick It Up”
6. “I’m Where I Should Be”
7. “Phoenix”
8. “In the Car…”
9. “These City Streets”

Deluxe edition bonus tracks:

10. “(I’m A) Roadrunner”
11. “Dusk Til Dawn”
12. “White Sky” (Prof. Kybert vs. The Moons Remix)

Japanese bonus tracks:

13. “I Work in the Clouds”
14. “Praise If You Wanna”


The tracklist for the “Sonik Kicks” album is as follows:
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1. “Green”
2. “The Attic”
3. “Kling I Klang”
4. “Sleep Of The Serene”
5. “By The Waters”
6. “That Dangerous Age”
7. “Study In Blue”
8. “Dragonfly”
9. “When Your Garden’s Overgrown”
10. “Around The Lake”
11. “Twilight”
12. “Drifters”
13. “Paperchase”
14. “Be Happy Children”

Deluxe edition bonus tracks: