Updated Brandon Flowers 2015 North American Solo Tour Schedule

Alternative & Punk rock artist Brandon Flowers has announced dates for a 2015 North American Solo Tour. The tour starts in Pittsburgh, PA at the Mr Small’s Fun House (formerly Mr Smalls Theater) on July 27th. Sources say the tour will run through October 1st. Concert additions are possible. However, the table below reflects an accurate concert schedule of major North American venues & scans for updates every time the page loads. So, be sure to bookmark us & check back often for changes.

Brandon Flowers will be promoting his 2nd solo studio album “The Desired Effect” (tracklist below) [Buy Album], which is set for release on May 19th. The album is available for pre-order now.

Flowers is well known as the lead singer, keyboardist & co-founder of the Las Vegas based band The Killers. All 4 albums released by the band were very successful. They released their last album in September of 2012. The final album is titled “Battle Born” (tracklist below) [Buy Album] & reached #1 on each of the U.S. Billboard Rock Albums, U.S. Billboard Alternative Albums & the U.K. Albums Charts.



Although there are multiple versions, the basic tracklist for the “The Desired Effect” album is as follows:
[Buy the Brandon Flowers The Desired Effect Album]1. “Dreams Come True”
2. “Can’t Deny My Love”
3. “I Can Change”
4. “Still Want You”
5. “Between Me and You”
6. “Lonely Town”
7. “Digging Up the Heart”
8. “Never Get You Right”
9. “Untangled Love”
10. “The Way It’s Always Been”

Deluxe edition:

11. “Btwn Me ‘N U”
12. “The Desired Effect”


Tracklist for the “Battle Born” album is as follows:
[Buy The Killers Battle Born Album]1. “Flesh and Bone”
2. “Runaways”
3. “The Way It Was”
4. “Here with Me”
5. “A Matter of Time”
6. “Deadlines and Commitments”
7. “Miss Atomic Bomb”
8. “The Rising Tide”
9. “Heart of a Girl”
10. “From Here on Out”
11. “Be Still”
12. “Battle Born”

Deluxe edition bonus tracks:

13. “Carry Me Home”
14. “Flesh and Bone” (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)
15. “Prize Fighter”

Exclusive edition bonus tracks:

16. “Be Still” (alternate version)
17. “Runaways” (Michel Remix)